Top 10 Modular Kitchen design in 2019


Turn over your cooking dreams with the best modular kitchen dealers around you!

Nowadays, Modular Kitchens  become extremely popular among homeowners.  Also, these are factory-made products. Because they come in a variety of beautiful designs and finishes. If you  want to get a Modular Kitchen for your house. you can get in touch with a reputed Modular Kitchen Service Provider Company. Interio designo presents 100+ verified Modular Kitchen in kolkata. Offering a wide range of exquisite designs and patterns to choose from.Modular kitchen designs are the new way to go with optimum space utilization. With kitchen cabinets and spaces allocated for different items, modular kitchens are the ultimate call for sophistication and ease of access.

While interior designers do handle designing for modular kitchen layouts. you can also approach modular kitchen dealers near you who specialize in the same. Modular kitchen designers in the city extensively specialize in designing the layout of the kitchen space only. You can choose from different architectural styles while designing your kitchen. Some of the popular styles of kitchen architecture are:


Contemporary designs are generally streamlined, efficient, minimalist,  expressive. Designers usually rely on both natural elements in the design like wood and stone; and manufactured elements like steel, glass, etc.


European kitchens are invest in white or eggshell decor. They incorporate elements that highlight sophistication. Also include marble for tabletop and kitchen counters to give it an elegant and classy finish.


These types of designs are generally implemented in small-sized kitchens. Where the counters are designed in a way for implementing space saving.

Parallel kitchen:

For small kitchens in small new homes. The Parallel modular kitchen would work wonders more work space provided and lengthwise than breadth wise.

Island kitchen:

 Such kitchens allow for more room and work space. And to store a large number of goods and utility items too – perfect for large Indian families or big joint families.

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